iClarity IT Services specializes in providing custom database solutions that support your specific business needs. A database design is an important aspect of any IT solution company that supports and automates business processes. With a thorough understanding of the customer needs, we design high performance databases, tailored for specific requirements that complements the daily operations of the organization. Since many aspects of a database system depend on its core design, an efficient and flexible database design is of utmost importance to ensure adequate support for existing as well as future business requirements.
We as a team are very committed to design the database utilizing the latest tools and technologies and by adopting the best industry practices to meet the ever growing and ever changing customer needs.Following are some of the Key benefits of a good database design.

  • Availability of consistent data to support business operations and decision making.
  • Efficient use of available data storage
  • Increased productivity at work
  • Lower cost of database ownership

We work on cross platform technologies including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and Open Source MySQL database.
If you are in need of a custom database design for the efficient and smooth functioning of your business, please give us a call and we will ensure we have one of our expert consultant assess your needs and propose our best recommendations.

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