Training and Placement (Shape the Raw talent)

Every graduate who wants to make career in good IT companies must understand that their employer has certain expectations from them, these are in terms of their skills, personality, awareness and lot more. At iClarity we understand what the IT companies are expecting from their future employees and our experienced IT education professionals have designed the training programs to help future IT professionals in their IT career.


1.Technical Skills
Information technology is changing very rapidly, experienced IT professionals need to keep themselves updated with the technology change. But due to work pressure and commitments it becomes very difficult and challenging for them to upgrade their skills.

2.Personality Development
Personality of an individual plays a very important role when entering into a new company, there are multiple dimensions and soft-skills that each individual must learn and hone.

3.Process Training ( Forward Integration)
IT companies have certain processes which are key for their operations and execution of customer engagements. Lot of time is spent on familiarizing the fresh engineers with these processes, iClarity will work with companies in imparting the minimum process training to the fresh engineers.