BI Roadmap (from idea to implementation)
With the data accumulation happening over several years, organizations feel an ardent need to understand their data and identify growth opportunities, streamline costs, enhance operational efficiency and increase profitability.
In the current business scenario where time-to-market has shrunk, competition from peers is on the rise and with the ever changing dynamic business and technological landscape, availability or non-availability of meaningful business intelligence can be the difference between success or failure for an organization. iClarity provides end-to-end Business Intelligence services to help organizations gain business insights and enhance their decision-making and operations management effectiveness.
iClarity’s offerings range from choosing and implementing the best fit BI tools and solutions, devising BI strategy and implementing performance enhancing dashboards and provide Managed Services.

Readiness Assessment

We help assess current state of business and the technological, and/or competitive reasons behind your need for change. Our goal is to identify gaps between the ‘as-is’ state and ‘to-be’ state with regards to your Business intelligence implementation. We assess. . .

  • Existing business processes, including process flows;
  • Deployed technology, including applications used for transactional system;
  • Data architecture: understand the granularity and quality of the data collected;
  • Study the desired Dashboard KPI’s, along with the analysis and reporting needs;
  • Understand gaps between ‘as is’ and the ‘to be’.

Change your organizations focus from data “Current State” to decisions “Future State”

Gap Analysis

Our technology-agnostic approach helps organizations gain insights into their existing systems with a view to achieve set business objectives. Post assessment, we collaborate with your team to develop a vision and recommendations for . . .

  • High level business processes, including flowcharts/process flows, roles and responsibilities;
  • Technology considerations, including desired capabilities and high-level business requirements for systems and architecture;
  • Organizational considerations, required to meet program objectives
Tool Selection / Decision-Making

We help prioritize and map the requirements to facilitate decision-making regarding the product and technology best suited to your needs as well as the approaches/key changes required to meet your objectives. We help:

  • Identify industry best practices and review, re-design workflows and processes as needed
  • Decide on the use of internal resources vs. external vendors
  • Identifying key technologies
  • Creating and managing vendor selection processes
  • Developing methods for vetting vendor and technology capabilities
  • Addressing organizational structure, culture, and ownership issues.
Implementation & Execution
Support and Maintenance


Business Intelligence Technologies